Different trade-specific modules are being developed for the following branches:

  • Crane experts and builders
  • Scaffold construction
  • Steep roof work
  • Flat roof work
  • Hochbau / Rohbau (Bauhaupt- und Baunebengewerbe)
  • Wood framing
  • Structural and decorative ironwork
  • Arbeiten auf Freileitungsmasten
  • Rigging / Event-Construction
  • Concrete work
  • Work in difficult environments
  • Building cleaning
  • Demolition
  • Baumpflegemrdokeos_practiceranim
  • Rescue Module
    The rescue module should be integrated into the trade-specific module due to the specific rescue situations that different trades have. These may be irrelevant for the other branches.

The basic module for personal safety equipment must cover the following areas:

- Legal basics in Switzerland  
- Personal safety equipment to prevent falls (PSE)
- Basic components of the equipment (Parts, pros, and cons)
- Correct use of the equipment (fitting, adjustment, use)
- Correct maintenance (Storage and inspection)
- Product and testing norms (guidelines, norms, CE-symbols)


Our concept is based on 4 principles:

  1. Theory in Practice
    Theoretical background should be introduced during every exercise though practical demonstrations and not lectured to death in a classroom.
  2. No Empty Minutes
    There is nothing more unproductive than having one person actually do the work, while everyone else passively looks on.
    In a well-planned training, the participants should always have something productive to do.
  3. Electricity-Free Training
    The Training may be taught with slides on a beamer or overhead projector. But all of the slides / transparencies will be designed for a parallel function of a workplace safety poster where no electricity is needed.
  4. Basic module + Trade-Specific and Rescue Modules
    The basic module (personal safety equipment- Introduction and main uses) should be the same for all trainees, regardless of trade or background, including basic rescue downwards. For advanced modules, trade-specific exercises should be developed to best cover the needs of the client company. Special rescue requires a completely separate module.


The instructor must be able to satisfy nearly all of the learning needs of each participant.

This is only possible in a reasonably-sized group.

According to experience this means a group of no more than 6-8 people.